Harvest Magazine

How can information remain engaging, compelling, and approachable across different media?


Harvest is a magazine concept and resource for local food, seasonal eating, and urban farming. It aims to be fresh, clean, honest, and approachable to people who may not have considered the environmental impact of the food they eat. Each issue focuses on a different city in the United States. The issue below focuses on the city of Baltimore.


The identity system was designed as a kit-of-parts with different fruits and vegetables to represent different buildings. These pieces could be rearranged to represent the skylines of the featured city in each issue.

The original approach to the design of the magazine was information dense and budget focused. It demonstrated how eating locally saves time and money, and benefits the community. However, the information-heavy layouts deterred those who are only just being introduced to sustainable food rather than attract them. A new approach, featured in the images below, shows how the incorporation of bright colors, illustration, and photography in addition to the original information could have the potential to be more interesting and engaging to the intended audience.

The iPad app transforms one of the magazine features about seasonal eating in the Baltimore region into an immersive and interactive experience. Scrolling horizontally reveals a typical harvest in the city of Baltimore. Tapping on one of the bars reveals more information about that fruit or vegetable, with the option to learn more about what it is and what can be done with it.


The final designs attempt to strike a balance between making information about local, seasonal food enticing for those new to the concept, while still providing the level of information needed to understand the impact of the food choices one makes.

Role: Self Initiated