Real Food Farm Poster

How can custom illustration become a practical tool for the client?

Created for Real Food Farm


Civic Works’ Real Food Farm hosts a yearly urban agriculture workshop series called Cultivate Baltimore. They wanted to design a poster to promote the workshop and generate excitement. They also wanted a design that could be reused each year just by changing the color that included a variety of illustrations pertaining to the workshop.


The client had a clear vision for what they wanted, which allowed for some fun experimentation with the illustrations. The process began by creating a series of “chickendoodles,” each in a different style, to inform the illustration style for the rest of the icons. Once the style was selected, icons were created for farm animals, food, farm tools, and cooking implements. The poster was designed in a way that made it very simple to change the color and the dates year to year, as well as to export and use for Facebook events and other collateral.


The poster design and collateral have now been updated and implemented for several workshops and continue to draw those interested in urban agriculture to learn more with Real Food Farm.

Role: Lead Designer and Illustrator