Sir Kensington’s Branding

How does a brand refresh retain the spirit of the company while propelling it to new heights?

Client: Sir Kensington’s
Studio: In House
Role: Lead Designer
Creative Director: Kimiyo Nakatsui
Wordmark: Jesse Ragan
Animation: Rescue Vessel
Illustration: Julie McLaughlin
Website: Starting Now


Sir Kensington’s was founded in 2010 by Mark Ramadan and Scott Norton who set out to bring integrity and charm to ordinary and overlooked food—namely, ketchup. Since 2010, Sir Kensington’s has expanded to a whole line of condiments and dressings: Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Mustard, Fabanaise, Ranch, and Vinaigrettes. The brand needed to better represent the future of Sir Kensington’s.

One of the biggest challenges with Sir Kensington’s logo was name recognition—set in small serif type, the wordmark was not always legible and definitely not memorable. Formally, it did not work well across different mediums, necessitating multiple variations and emblems. Lastly, the wordmark did not reflect the personality of the brand as it stands today.


We began the rebrand process by examining the brand strategy and visuals. We retooled the values and voice to set a foundation for the rebrand.

Concurrently, we looked to history: the history of Sir Kensington’s, and art history with an interest in 1890s–1920s typography, as this is where the legend of Sir Kensington was born.

After iterating on logo architectures, we landed on a direction that felt unique and memorable, classic yet with an energy we felt was missing from the current logo. This evolved into our wordmark with assistance from Jesse Ragan. We brought the logo to life through animation with assistance from Rescue Vessel.

The final logo preserves the original character of Sir Kensington with a wordmark that while referencing history, feels warm, modern, and optimistic. Its unique footprint works across a variety of applications.

As we continued to build out the brand, we established typography, a set of illustrations for packaging, and a color system.


The rebrand launched at Expo West where it was well received and continues to create a positive impact for the brand.

We succeeded in creating a logo that retains the integrity of our character while introducing charm and memorability into a wordmark with warmth and richness that we feel reflects the products we make and the spirit of the brand and the people here.

Read more about it here.

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