Sprout Package Design

How can a toolkit educate kids about seasonal produce?


Sprout is a concept for a weekly meal subscription service based in the Washington DC and Baltimore areas. Meal subscription services such as Blue Apron, Plated, and Hello Fresh served as some of the inspirations for Sprout. Rather than simply providing a nice weeknight meal, however, Sprout is geared toward teaching kids how to prepare meals for their family, encouraging them to try new foods, and educating them about seasonal produce.


The design of and instructions for the kit are written in a way that encourage collaboration between the child and their caretaker, with steps providing instructions for each role. Smaller ingredients come in bags or boxes with corresponding labels. Special attention was given to the typography to ensure a clear and enjoyable cooking experience. New Sprout subscribers would also receive a seasonal produce guide, detailing what fruits and vegetables are available year-round in their region and what kind of recipes one could expect.

Role: Self Initiated