Sir Kensington’s Vegan AF* Campaign

How can insights from a previous campaign be applied and extended into a new medium?

Client: Sir Kensington’s
Studio: In House
Role: Lead Designer


Inspired by the end-of-year brand campaign, Sir Kensington’s wanted to continue testing new media. This time, we wanted to test the success of a custom influencer mailer box and whether or not it was successful at deepening education and consideration around Fabanaise, our vegan mayo.

Sir Kensington’s Fabanaise has historically proven its challenges in marketing—Sir Kensington’s has low brand awareness, and awareness of Fabanaise as a product is even lower. It is also a difficult product to educate around. Fabanaise is made with aquafaba, an egg replacement made after boiling chickpeas in water. It’s the brine itself, it does not contain chickpeas, and it has to be refrigerated.


One of our biggest insights from our end-of-year brand campaign was the stickiness of the “Vegan AF*” (*Aquafaba) line and the surprise and delight of flipping an abbreviation around on its head into an educational moment. We decided to lean into this for our campaign, reinforcing the use of bright colors and bold typography to draw people in to the educational information inside.

In addition to the educational content in the box, we also provided product samples, stickers, pins, an Apolis tote, and a handwritten note to each person we sent a kit to.


The campaign garnered a lot of support on social media, and inspired a deeper education and awareness around Fabanaise.

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