Wings of Peru Campaign

How can a game increase engagement for a sweepstakes campaign?

Created at Green Team Global


Peru’s tourism organization, Prom Peru, asked us to create a campaign to promote birding tourism in Peru that specifically appealed to millennials, one of their key markets.


We focused on a new strategy and design from previous campaigns to appeal to a young, socially-conscious audience. The goal was to educate this group about the Nature Conservancy’s work to preserve the habitats of birds in Peru. In addition to the sweepstakes component of the site, we created a game featuring these iconic birds. The game was inspired by the desktop/mobile pairing mechanic utilized by Google Chrome’s experience “Lightsaber Escape”. In Wings of Peru, the player’s cursor transforms into a pair of binoculars through which they must spot as many birds as they can within a 45 second time period.


Total email acquisitions exceeded 30,000 with over 75% of users who visited the site entering into the sweepstakes. Future iterations of this project will continue refinement and integration of the mobile/desktop pairing experience.

View the project live here.

Role: Art Director